Have you heard of the Yuen Method? Would you like to know more about it—and more importantly—if it can help you?


The Yuen Method is a system, a way to get to the root of a problem. Whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, psychological, psychic or spiritual.

The method was created to energetically drill deep and quick in order to release the things that are blocking or holding you back so that healing can begin.

It’s a powerful method.

But through my work with hundreds of clients, I’ve discovered it’s incomplete.

Yes, I’m formerly trained in the Yuen Method—by Dr. Yuen himself.

And I do see the incredible value of his methodology, which is why I continue to use it as a foundational tool in my work with clearing client’s energy.

When I observed that not all my clients were getting the healing that the method intends, I took a closer look and uncovered some key barriers to their healing.

Clients weren’t getting the insight and understanding of the process of healing, and specifically, what we were working on healing, so they were blocking the actual healing process.

You see, I believe that everyone has a unique energetic blueprint—your soul—and tapping into it holds the key to heal yourself, release blocks and limitations and intentionally create your life.

These clients didn’t have that insight and needed to trust that the energy clearing and healing had actually been taken care of in order for them to experience the results.

And every client is unique, has a unique energetic history, and has specific barriers they’re facing.

This is why, when I’m facilitating an energy healing session, I pull from a variety of modalities and natural skills; Yuen Method, Emotion Code, Anatomy-Chakra’s and energy meridians, numerology, Akashic Records, Oracle Cards, as well as channeling and imagery.

It’s an intuitive process that hones in on you and the cause of your physical or emotional pain right at the root, and actively invites you to participate in your healing—consciously or unconsciously.

This more rounded, intuitive approach is much more effective than any one modality has been.

It works. Every time.

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