Be Better, Do Better, Live Unapologetically

When You’re Ready to Commit to the Life You Want
(Not the One You’ve Settled For)


Ah, the daily grind. The stagnation of day to day life, doing the same thing over and over and over again. It’s pure agony for someone like you who knows you’re destined for greater things.

You want more from life.
To have an impact.
To live a meaningful, purposeful life.


That’s when you decided to do something different. You made some changes.

And you had a breakthrough.
Maybe you had a breakthrough session with me.
Maybe you experienced an intense weekend retreat with other adventurers.
Maybe a life crisis made you realize that life is too short to settle.

Regardless, you’ve felt it, haven’t you?
The thrill and optimism of feeling you can move forward into the life you really want.

Then you made some more changes.
But now you’re feeling yourself sliding back into that daily grind.

That’s because the habit of your life is settling back in.
Your beliefs, your routines, your way of thinking is grabbing hold again and keeping you in the life you have settled for.

To make a lasting change —to move intentionally into the life you want— requires doing things different.

It requires a different way of thinking.
A different way of being.
It requires an untethering from the past, letting go, and moving persistently forward to experience what else is possible.

It requires a guide who believes in you and your dream.
A guide who walks with you through breakthrough after breakthrough.

Until you think different.
Take different actions.
Until you are different.

You want this.

Your soul is screaming for it!

The freedom to uncover your authentic soul essence and embrace the transformational impact it will have on your life.

To break free of all restraints and live full on, full out, letting nothing hold you back.

Yes? Then Soul Tap Journey Mentoring is for you.

It’s a 3-month deep-dive experience.
Just you and me.
My full attention on you and the ways you keep yourself blocked or stuck—and moving you beyond your previous limitations.

It’s about rattling the restraining cage of old ways, patterns and beliefs keeping you trapped in drama, trauma and stagnation.

Twice a month we’ll release stuck energy in an intense energy release session.

Twice a month you’ll experience a profound breakthrough during a Soul Tap Breakthrough session.

This keeps you moving forward so you don’t have time to slide back into old patterns.

It’s a repeating cycle of receiving answers, taking intentional action, and celebrating results.

I am here to ignite that fire deep inside.
To help you realize your full potential and live your best life ever!

This is highly intuitive, deeply personal, and extraordinarily life changing.

It will be head down and ass up for 90 days. And when its over, you’ll KNOW it was worth it.

Where before you were …

  • frustrated because you know you can do better, but you’re not,
  • beating yourself up about letting yourself down,
  • challenged financially (because everything that is wrong in your life shows up in money too),
  • in relationships that weren’t supportive or fulfilling,
  • feeling drained, not all vibrant or alive.

Now you …

  • are ridiculously proud of the decisions you’re making, the right actions you’re taking, and the changes you’re bringing about, (and finally enjoying the journey)
  • have a sense of renewed energy and relief, purpose, passion, and excitement
  • are open to receiving abundance in all forms
  •  are engaged in relationships that are supportive and meaningful
  •  are feeling fully aligned with your inner most self
  • and are living your soul’s purpose each and every day

Let’s be clear what this isn’t …

It’s not a course to follow at your leisure. You’ve likely taken those in the past and they have their purpose. What they don’t do is bring you to an awareness of YOU. Of understanding WHO you are. Of intentionally getting you into the right kind of action, moving forward, being who you are.

This isn’t a passive, one-shot healing modality. They too have their purpose, but they tend to only provide temporary results because, truth be told, we most often come back to what is comfortable, and you’re right back where you started.

It’s not a curiosity-filling reading (numerology, akashic records, oracle cards and the like) where you take the information and file it under ‘that’s nice’. I may use these tools during your journey, but they will be insightful and intentional in support of your decisions and actions.

Because this journey is highly personalized and requires a deep commitment of time and energy from both us, it’s by invitation only.

Which is to say, I want to be sure we’re made for each other.
As much for you, as for me.

So let’s talk first.



They are the ones that have hit the ground seven times and got up eight to fight for the life they know they have the right to live.

They value honesty, commitment and loyalty.
They value the truth and despise B.S.

They appreciate humor … because it lightens things up and makes it all easier.

They are the dreamers, the builders, the warriors, leaders and champions.

They know this world is better because of what they inspire and help others do.

They appreciate being pushed outside their comfort zone (even though they may not like it) because they recognize it’s exactly what is required of them to get what they want.

Yes, they have fear (like everyone else), but they are DETERMINED.

They are really smart men and women. Maybe too smart for their own good, often outsmarting themselves. (Know what I mean?)

They care … deeply.

They want more.

Sound like someone you know? Intimately?


Working with a strong, type-A , mission-focused, results-oriented leader who is committed to every essence of your success — no matter what.

Working with someone smart like you who knows all the tricky excuses of why you can’t (fill in the blank) and simply won’t accept them.

Relinquishing your tight hold on control (for a time) and be open to what that lets into your life.
(I understand first-hand the desire to control every nuance of your outcome.)

And commit to ….

  • being honest with your life
  • gaining clarity on what you really want (especially if it scares you to think that big)
  •  making yourself a priority
  • finally removing your blocks and embodying the real you
  • taking decisive action towards your goals

Are you still with me?
Then let’s talk.
No pressure. No obligation.

We’ll get to know each other, I’ll listen to your hopes and dreams and tell you where I think you’re stalling your progress forward.
If I believe I can help you get to where you want to be, and if we both believe we can work together, then we’ll talk details.

Sound good?


Do You Still Have Questions?

Do I have to buy into a cult mentality?
I get it. There’s a lot of Koolaid out there. Not a fan. Not drinking it.

I will never tell you what to do, what to believe, or who to be. I will guide you to your own conclusion – to YOUR truth and not how other people see it. You will never be made to feel wrong. This relationship is built on TRUST and RESULTS.
That’s my promise to you.

I’ve been let down in the past. How is this going to be different?
Oh boy, I could tell you stories. I’ve been let down, lied to, swindled, and taken for more than I wanted to give. But truthfully, it was my choice. As this is yours.

The reality is, I have a high expectation for results. So you get nothing less than my A-game.
And we will know up front what your expectations are so you can get the result you want and deserve.
I can help deliver that for you.

Okay, how do I know for sure you can help me?
You don’t. All I can do is stand 100% behind that what I offer is what you need.

You already know if working with me is the right decision for you. Trust your gut instinct because it’s never wrong. People always regret not taking action on gut instincts. (Another topic I could tell you stories on.)

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?
I stand behind my work and the results I get for clients.
You show up, be open, do the work, take action, and you will get results.

There are no refunds working together this way.
That’s why we talk first to see if I can help you and if you’re a good fit for this journey.
If you decide that yes, you’re in, we’ll both be clear on expectations before we get started.