Hack Your Life Path.

Decode your Soul’s Owner’s Manual to Unlock Secrets, Advantages &
Reveal Your Road Map to Living a Full Life.


Have you ever wondered why some people seem to move through life effortlessly? They seem to be in the right place, at the right time, know all the right people, and say all the right things? It’s as if they have a secret that you’re not privy to.

It’s kind of irritating, right?

What if I told you that their secret isn’t really a secret?

What if I told you that the same is possible for you?

Would you believe it?

They’re following a path designed specifically for them. They’re in harmony with life, not fighting against it.

Oh, let’s be clear, they may not know this is what they’re doing, but they are doing it nonetheless.

For some people, falling into this flow just happens.

For the rest of us, we need a map to get us going.


Why does this keep happening to me?

Why do I keep making the same mistakes?

Why am I so unhappy?

What do I feel something is missing?

Why am I not as successful as I want to be?

Will my dreams ever come true?

Then you need to hack your life path and get into the flow.

A Soul Tap Numerology chart is your own soul’s road map, giving insight and understanding of your unique life path, destiny and purpose.

  • karmic lessons you need to learn and pass with flying colors
  • where to spot opportunities and take advantage of them
  • what blocks you’re prone to hanging onto
  • what to expect in your relationships
  • the advantages and challenges you have with finances
  • what health challenges you may face and how to avoid them
  • the most fulfilling career choices
  • and living your life’s purpose

This gives you a distinct advantage to live your destiny.

To be in the flow.

This is no cookie-cutter, computerized chart for every person that shares your date of birth.

It’s intuitive and personalized to you.

We dive into your chart in a private session where you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how your name carries its own vibration and effects success in all areas of your life.

It’s a complete picture that reveals how to hack your life path and capitalize on the advantages available uniquely to you.


Feeling blocked and frustrated in your relationships, career, finances or purpose

Missing out on opportunities

Trying to figure it out on your own

Feeling out of sync in your life


Knowing what you need to do to get unstuck when you face challenges

 Taking advantage of opportunities

 Clear about your destiny and purpose

Clarity on what your soul wants and how to move forward

It’s your road map to a happy, fulfilling life

“It all makes sense now—after having my numerology chart drawn up and explained to me, I was flabbergasted to say the least. Everything added up and now and I have a much better understanding on how I can stay true to my soul’s destiny.

Things are so much clearer for me now and I feel relieved. Karen tapped into me and my chart and explained it so well! I would recommend this to everyone as a starting point for sure. I gained so much insight and feel blessed.

~JIM, Edmonton


Numerology charts are drawn up and personalized to you and the vibration of all the numbers in your name and date of birth.

Your chart will be completed by me (not some computer) and then we book your reading to take place over the phone. We’ll have an in-depth discussion so you understand your road map, with plenty of time to get your questions answered.

Plan for 60-90 minutes. Just show up and be open.

You’ll receive a copy of your chart and your session recording to refer back to whenever you like.

I suggest you review it at least 2 times per year to gain a deeper understanding.


Hi, I’m Karen. This is a point of discovery and reconnection for you.

My goal is to decode your energetic blueprint using numerology of your name and date of birth, and give you insight into your unique vibration and what you can do to work with your chart in the way of karma, challenges and expression.

There are many tools on the table from years of training and practice, as well as strong intuition and mediumship that I bring to your numerology reading.

I get results. Period!