Yes! If you can just get your shift (you read it right, ‘shift’ and not sh*t. We will get to that.) together!

Look, I know you want a “permanent healing” and that’s why you keep seeking and hoping to find ways and treatments to give you that. Right? 

In fact, that’s why you are here right now. You’re still looking (and good on ya!). 

Going back time after time for the same issues, whether they be on the tissues or not, is frustrating, expensive and a drain of your precious time if you can’t get lasting benefits. 

Massage, physio, chiro, Reiki and the likes can alleviate tension, physical pain and give you some fantastic relief. And boy, does it feel good! 

Counselling, hypnosis and talking about feelings can also give you some much needed relief and an opportunity to be heard. Sage burning, feather waving and Aura cleansing lightens it all up, But then what?

Lord knows you’ve tried. 

But you can literally die trying.

Trying is never going to be good enough.
Trying is not doing.  

Commitment, courage and honesty to be an active participant in your own healing is what’s required.  

Instead of doing what you have always done getting the same temporary results; what if you could do better? 

Imagine a new awareness, a complete acceptance and then … drum roll please … taking appropriate action (getting your shift together) to get the results you want.

Like a Rubik’s cube you have been experiencing one pattern in life that’s no longer working. When all that shifts and the pattern changes you need to be ready to bee-doo, (it’s a minion thing) be different and do different as if your life depends on it (actually, it does). Decide to live on purpose and not by default anymore. 

What if this is the only hurdle to being able to live your life full out, full on and living it unapologetically free on your own terms. Would you want this?  

Much like a diet —and by the way, they all work (provided you follow the program) —it’s only 50% of the solution though (the easy half). 

Once you have lost the weight, the real work begins. The most challenging part is where you dig deep and show resolve for life — to a new lifestyle in order to maintain what you worked so hard to achieve despite constant changes in stress, foods, hormones and environments.  

This work —the work of permanent healing— is no different! 

Gaining new awareness and coming to an unconditional loving acceptance is only the beginning.

Commit yourself to permanent healing with a warrior-like mentality of do or die, no holds barred, I don’t care what others think

Commit yourself to a new way of living and being that requires appropriate action and design the rest of your life intentionally, for You.