The struggle is real.

You have a bigger vision for your life; relationships that enrich you, work that is meaningful and makes a difference, and having enough money to support you and the life you want to live —contributing in ways you only dream of now. 

But every time you get ahead, something happens to pull you right back to where you were —particularly when it comes to money.

You may appear to have it all together (on the outside), but what you don’t admit to others is that you feel like you’re drowning, struggling to cope and obstructed almost every time you move forward.

You know that you have belief systems that are blocking you.
You may even know what they are. 

What you don’t know is how to break free of them. Oh, you’ve tried.

You’ve read self-help books or taken self-study programs, but they’ve lacked the support structure or personal guidance you needed to get results.

You may have even tried therapy or counseling, but that hasn’t gotten you to the root of the real problem to create a breakthrough.

You may even have dabbled in the ‘law of attraction, think-good-thoughts’ approach, but that got old quickly. You can’t just think or talk yourself out of this.

If you knew how to do it differently you would.

The question is, are you finally ready to break free of your limiting beliefs so you can take back control of your life? If yes, then ….

It’s time for a breakthrough.

The reason why you haven’t been able (until now) to break through your blocks is you’ve likely taken the slow road.

You need to breakthrough your blocks quickly, because if you don’t, you’ll still be anchored to the stories and patterns that keep you stuck.

The Soul TapBreakthrough Method helps you get out of your own way and on your way. For real.


You come with something specific to work on. In our first session we’ll dig deep to uncover and eradicate the beliefs that are preventing you from creating the change you want in your life.

Think of this as an ‘unbelieving’ process because we untangle the lies and uncover the truth your soul wants you to see. We’ll anchor in supportive beliefs and give you some effective tools to move forward with.

Then, 7-10 days later, we’ll meet again to solidify your breakthrough. 

But you must come ready to experience real change. This is dynamic work that will instill new belief systems, ensuring you will attract what you’re looking for.

Where before you wonder if you can live the life you want, after this experience, you’ll have renewed energy, renewed hope, and a feeling of control over your future. 

Where before you find yourself held back and attracting unhappiness, after this experience, you’ll feel the right to live your life on your terms, embracing infinite potential and possibilities.


What You Need To Know About Working Together This WAY … 

I am committed to your success. I want to help you see the infinite potential you have inside and the infinite possibilities available to you. I want you to recognize your soul’s desire and live your life unapologetically. I want for you to have a magical life.

So I won’t let you stay stuck.

I’m not going to accept excuses or stories, but rather, will guide you through moving forward despite your current circumstances, and have you take hold of a champion mind-set and become the hero of your own story.

This is life-changing work. I’ve created this process from years of study in human potential and mindset, and more importantly, practical application and refining of this methodology with clients.


I came to Karenbecause I am working on improving myself. Through the sessions I had some sharp realizations of why I do things the way I do. Now I know what to work on. Go see Karen. I can’t explain it, but you will feel better when you leave.

Prior to my session with you—my left brain kept taking over and I always questioned anything that I could not see. You helped to clear a lot of emotional blockages and I became more open to what is. Since my session,  I have been working a lot on self-healing and my meditation practice is stronger and I am able to release. Thank you!”

Still Wondering if a Soul Tap Breakthrough Experience
Is Right For You?

This is specifically for those that value personal growth and transformation, and are ready, willing and able (even eager) to do the work. Because you understand that if you change nothing, nothing changes. 

My clients tend to be determined, committed and embody perseverance. Sound familiar?

They want to live life on their own terms, in their own way, and not worry about what others think so they can maximize the time they have left. They want to embrace change fearlessly. 

You could keep trying to do it on your own — reading books, taking more self-study courses, talking with your friends, or find other ways to bury what is. 

You could try reiki, therapeutic touch or other alternative providers, but they’re passive —and if we’re going to keep it real, it’s the lazy (and ineffective) way to remove blocks because you’re not engaged in your own betterment. This is much more active.

The truth is, removing the limiting beliefs that are creating blocks requires someone to lead you out of it. You’re just too close to see your way through. 

And somewhere deep inside, you recognize the synchronicity in guiding you here. Trust that intuition.

Yes, I know I can help you.
Yes, I would be honored to be your guide.

But if I’m not the right person, please do find the right one.

Because doing nothing, or delaying taking action that will break through your blocks will do more than just keep you stuck.

Trapped emotions —at the root of your blocks— settle in your body and can cause health problems.

Relationships can be damaged if you don’t remove the belief systems that are getting between you and the people you love. 

Eventually, you may lower your standards because you’re not happy and settle for less. 

I want for you to get the results you’re looking for that will move out of your way and on your way to living unapologetically. I believe you want that too.


If you have questions, read through the Frequently Asked Questions below, and if you don’t find your answers, you can reach me here.

FAQ’s …

How are the Soul Tap Breakthrough sessions different from the energy session?

You are engaged, ready to become aware of the problem, accepting of it and then prepared to change some things in order to get the results and freedom you have never had before.


What if this doesn’t work for me?

There is nothing that will work for you in removing blocks unless you work with what you’re presented with. You have to do something. The Soul Tap Breakthrough Method works when you do.


Will this work if I don’t come in person?

You’ll get amazing results whether you come in or it’s over the phone. If you’re private, you don’t feel the tendency to want to hold back emotions or do deeper work when you’re in the familiar environment of your home.