Deep inside, you feel the yearning to reunite with your soul – the one you abandoned years ago – by believing lies and telling stories about yourself.

Your soul already knows what to do, so it creates disharmony with your mind and in your life. It challenges you to let go and allow yourself to return to unconditional love and pure magnificence of your innermost being. It’s too easy to hide, suppress, deny, and disconnect from it. Until it isn’t. 

I believe that when you acknowledge your souls yearning, get past mind fears and pierce the veil of deception, life opens up and leads the way to you living the life you want. Unapologetically free.

I have so much respect and admiration for the people who answer their Souls Beckoning and then do everything I can to help them be successful. That’s what my life’s work is about.

But I didn’t start out knowing this was my life’s work.

I’ve reinvented myself about 33 times (true story) and ate a lot of humble pie along the way.

Even though I felt a calling to this work at a very early age, I resisted it—fought it tooth and nail until 2008 when I finally surrendered to doing this work after a near death experience and a whole lot of chaos.

I immersed myself in courses and training that developed my expertise in helping clients make real changes in their lives. Saw what worked, what didn’t, and more importantly, why.

You could say I’m a renegade when it comes to energy work (and you would be right). Your options are either limited and constrained, or woo woo WAY out there.

… just sayin’ !


A way that’s tailored to you, because you are unique. That’s why I refuse

to limit myself to one healing modality or method.

I refuse to limit you or put you in a box.

(You’ve likely already experienced that.) 

You want to shift your beliefs and transform your life intentionally.

You want results. 



There are no words to describe the Yuen Method—but it makes you feel things that perhaps were lying dormant. I felt a sense of relief, empowerment and self-awareness. Karen has always had a special gift of intuition, but Yuen has made her so much more. After every session I have felt great and feel good about myself knowing where the root of the problem stems. It has answered so many questions about where things may have begun.”


My style is ‘grace’ meets ‘wild abandon’ as we explore and open you up to your infinite possibilities and opportunities in life.

This means I’ll rattle cages and challenge old beliefs so you break free of restraints that have kept you stuck in an unfulfilling life.

The fire inside of you will be ignited for you to explore and develop into your full potential and have the best life ever.

And I keep it very, very real (laced with healthy doses of humor). 


TRUTH, so our relationship is built on trust in a sacred space of neutrality and non- judgment to share the truth about what is keeping you stuck. And keeping it real (and honest) means I refuse to let you get in your own way! 

RESPECT, for everyone, no matter who or where they are. Anything less is, well, disrespectful.

INTEGRITY, is never-ever comprised. ‘Nough said. 

AUTHENTICITY, is recognizing the perfection, beauty and greatness of your soul and dialing up the brightness so you are free to shine. That’s why you’ll never be given band aid or B.S. solutions from me. 

HUMOR, because we create healing with humor. And it’s fun.  


I’m obsessed with human potential. Witnessing people transform and shed the things that constrain them; to grow and take on bigger, fuller lives really fires me up.

I’m a non-conforming, type-A personality, as well as an experience seeker and persistent pursuer of knowledge, which means I question everything. So when it comes to finding what’s true for you, there is no “one size fits most”.

My near-death experience, has since taught me that you can’t walk away from your destiny, because when your soul wants you to do it, you must honor it or it will find creative (and uncomfortable) ways to steer you back on course.

Geek alert … I have a stationary fetish. Journals, pens, erasers (the nice white ones that don’t make a mess). Anything to do with writing. There’s something intoxicating about the sound of pencil lead crumbling on really good paper.

Embarrassingly (not really), I’m in love with Bollywood movies. I get intoxicated by the old-world values, steeped in rich culture, that stays with you for days after you have seen one. You are pretty much guaranteed 4 things: (1) there will be rain, (2) there will be dancing, (3) the men will cry, and (4) there will be hair blowing back in the wind. I often say, ‘whatever blows your hair back’ so maybe that’s why I love Bollywood so much.

And if there is one thing that I’ve learned to be true, it’s,




So let’s talk about you.

And that richer, fuller life you’re wanting to create.


I would like to thank you for all your guidance; my physical pains, overwhelming emotions, and mental blocks have slowly dispersed, faded and simmered back to manageable states. A level of  ‘normality’ has been rising in me since I started speaking with you months ago and I am generally grateful, confident and joyful again.”